Pelican plugin for static comments

I wanted to add comments to this blog but I didn't want to use an external service for them. So I went back to the old and proven "email me your comments!" approach. I dont't see that specially intrincate for the commenter, considering that most comment systems already request an email address and ask you to solve a capcha.

To publish the comments in the blog I have written static_comments, a small plugin for pelican, the static site generator used to build this blog.

Basically for each article there is a file with the comments. The plugin looks for the comments file and adds them to the blog entry.

Details about how to configure the blog to use the plugin can be found in the blog repo.


Want to comment? Send me an email to jesrui at sdfeu dot org and I'll paste it here (I won't publish your address). Why don't you use an external comment service like disqus, you ask? Well, I like to keep this site under my control, comments included.

You can use markdown to format your comment.

First Comment

From: iturde

Date: 2014-03-04